Short HOW-to blogposts and screencasts are informative, but it takes much more skill to connect multiple technologies together into a product that brings value.

In my code-along courses I try to show the process of creating a complex Web Applications using Ruby on Rails.

1. Learn to Build a B2B SaaS Multitenancy MVP - 🔥 My BEST EVER Video Course.


  • 💡 Start your next big project with your own Ruby on Rails SaaS app MVP (like JumpstartPRO, but you build and own it)
  • core feature #1: Multitenancy (Teams, Roles, Invites)
  • core feature #2: SaaS Subscriptions and Plans
  • 📕 13 hours of content, 20 chapters, 160 lectures.
  • 👀 Live demo (
  • 🤑 33% discount

2. Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP 2020


  • Build your own Udemy clone (e-learning platform) step-by-step.
  • Learn how to use 25+ Ruby gems.
  • 📕 20 hours of content, 18 chapters and 200 lectures.
  • 4000+ students already enrolled!
  • 👀 Live demo (
  • 🤑 >Buy here<

3. Complete guide to Stripe Payments and Subscriptions with Ruby on Rails


  • Learn how to use the Stripe Dashboard and API
  • Build an E-commerce store where users can order multiple Products and pay for their Order.
  • Build a Software-as-a-Service MVP, where users have to pay a subscription to access content. (Onlyfans Clone?)
  • 🤑 >Buy here<

4. Ruby on Rails 6: Startup MVP: School Attendance Tracking App


  • 🧠 Dive deep into building business logic
  • 📆 Generate lessons based on a schedule
  • Auto-calculate student expences
  • Auto-calculate teacher salary
  • 🤑 >Buy here<