2024 Plans #


  • Doing paid contracting Ruby on Rails work. Currently I earn $0/month on my free educational content.
  • 52 screencasts
  • FriendlyShow season 2
  • Writing blog - based on inspiration
  • Complete the Insta2blog MVP


  • SupeRails PRO content, meet-up, workshops
  • Start a newsletter? (otherwise there is no direct way for you to discover my content)
  • Learn to create Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Learn turbo-ios
  • Learn how to train and leverage LLMs.
  • Release some “Rails for beginners” contenet
  • Create a free open source (SaaS) boilerplate?
  • Get some closure with XLPLAN
  • Visit the hairdresser regularly!!! My wife will be happy
  • Move this blog to another domain? Either to blog.superails.com, or to a more personal one.


  • Scrolling reddit before bed 😵‍💫

2023 summary #

Personal #

Became a father

Became a father

Learned windsurfing and catamaran sailing


Visited Cannes film festival, Cannes Lions marketing festival

Visited Cannes film festival

Professional #

Visited 5 Ruby conferences: RailsSaaS, EURUKO, FriendlyRB, RailsWorld, HelveticRB and met many new wonderful Ruby friends. I am so happy to have you in my life!

My Ruby friends

Recorded 68 screencasts and published them on SupeRails.com & SupeRails youtube

SupeRails youtube in 2023

Published 55 blogposts right here

2023 blog stats

Completed Season 1 (10 episodes) of FriendlyShow with Adrian

Apple podcasts friendly show

Created SupeRails.com beta. It still needs a lot of improvement to become valuable without the context of youtube. But it is a stepping stone to add premium features in the future.

Superails in 2023

Spoke at RailsWorld: Hotwire Cookbook

Rails World Yaroslav Shmarov