I’m overwhelmed!

A few months ago I asked IH whether it would make sense to make a Ruby on Rails course and… you motivated me for work!

I spend 2 whole months of quarantine recording 18 hours of video and…

Released my course “Ruby on Rails 6: Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP 2020” in the end of May and…

Now is the first of July and:

  • I just hit 100 sales
  • $897,47
  • My course is placed 5th on the first page of Udemy organic “Ruby on Rails” search
  • My course is 1 of 3 courses in the category featured as “Bestseller”
  • Through only 11 people rated the course, 10 people rated it 5* and only 1 person rated it 4,5* => Currently top rated Ruby on Rails course, hehe!

Some takeaways:

  • If you post on Udemy, be ready to sell for $10-13 and get $1,5-$7 of a sale.
  • I had a few people who paid $50 for the course, but most of them made a refund :( [“why buy a $50 course if I can get 5x$10 courses”]
  • Make a good quality course that you would be ready to pay for yourself.

The course itself: Ruby on Rails 6: Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP 2020

Have a beautiful beautiful day!🥳

P.S. If you’re interested in my udemy experience, course, or anything - will answer in comments :)

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