3 months ago I posted my course on Skillshare.

The Skillshare business model:

  • Students pay a subscription fee of around $15/mo
  • Teachers get paid based on how many minutes students watched their course videos (Skillshare courses are VIDEO-ONLY)

To see how well the course will sell organically, I did not do any promotion of the course myself.

Here are my results:


15 students “enrolled” into the course in 3 months.


The enrolled students watched 1,109 minutes of my video lectures, resulting in me earning a total of 29$. 29/1109=0,026 (2,5 cents per minute watched).

My course: “Ruby on Rails 6: Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP 2020”

Target audience: Ruby on Rails developers that want to advance their knowledge.


  • Skillshare is for video content only (think youtube premium)
  • Each minute of video content should be “engaging” and unskippable (student drops out while watching one of your videos = you don’t earn)
  • Maybe not the best platform for tech courses (feels like it’s more for “soft skills & design”)
  • Maybe not the best platform for organic growth (I’m growing MUCH faster on Udemy)

=> If you are a course creator/educator - sell courses, not minutes watched!

=> If you are an entertainer/animator - sell minutes watched!

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