This weekend I drove from Cannes to Paris by car.

Previously I’ve taken the train and plane.

My main reason was family comfort: taking the baby car seat, and all the baby stuff. Travelling around Paris with a baby by car. I considered going by train and using taxis, but after my calculations taxis would have cost me 500+EUR for a week of activities.

Here are my takeaways:

By car #

A 9 hour non-stop drive translates into 14 hours without a hurry and with stops.

The pit-stops in the south tend to be better.

You will spend 80EUR on road tolls, 120+EUR on gas, 30+EUR on snacks at pit-stops.

The nice views end after passing Aix-en-Provence.

You do get to drive the highway through Lyon city center and that’s the most engaging part of the drive.

And worst of all, your ASS aches from sitting for so long!

And don’t forget that parkind in Paris is expen\(\)ive!

On my way back next week, I will drive for 2 days instead of one, with an overnight stop in Lyon.

By train #

Fast (5-6h) and cheap (30-130 EUR).

You get to ride slowly and admire the marvelous views of the Cote d’Azur as you travel to Frejus. Afterwards you speed up to 320km/h and fly non-stop to Paris Gare de Lyon in the city center.

Totally recommended!

Official SNCF train booking page

By plane #

  • 60 min - Getting to the airport
  • 60 minutes - Check in, security, boarding
  • 90 minutes - flight
  • 60 minutes - get to Paris city center

A lot of extra actions and stress than going by plane, but still better than by car.

Conclusion #

Next time we travel by train and rent a car upon arrival (if needed). Hotels offer EVs for 45+EUR/day.

Parking is expensive (EUR 1,5 / 15 min), but thanks to that you can always find a place to park.

If you are not in a hurry, Lyon is a good place to stay overnight (that’s what we did on the way back)!