Fuck people who use ChatGPT and other content generation tools to produce SEO content. It devalues information that is shared on the web as such. I do not consent to my writing being used by AI tools.

In theory, I could have autogenerated content on my blog, but goal would it serve? I don’t write to gain traffic or followers.

I appreciate everybody who reads my blog and watches my videos, but I write for myself. I am my number one reader. I write to learn and summerize my learnings. I write to reflect on my life, and to plan my future.

Dear friend, You should write too! It will help you tell your story, become better as a professional and can also serve as a portfolio.

It is okay to look for content in source material, in blogposts, on wikipedia, on chatgpt - whatever servers a better answer. As long as you know which questions to ask, there’s forever been a load of good information out there. The problem is putting information into your head and structuring it (turning information into knowledge).

There is no tool yet that can safely upload unbiased updated knowledge into your brain. Enjoy your life and your unique learning path!

Note: this post was written by a human, not an AI.