Normally we use a relational database like postgresql or mysql in a Rails app.

We also would normally add Redis as a database for background job processors like Sidekiq.

As of Rails 7, we require Redis to be able to process Turbo Broadcasts.

Also, now when we start a new Rails 7 app, a new gem 'kredis' is recommended in the Gemfile.

The gem allows us to access Redis via ActiveRecord and easily write/read data on Redis.

But… when and what should we store in Redis?

Redis VS Postgres #

Postgres - a normal relational database stores data on disc and expects most of the data not to be frequently read. Long-term data storage.

Redis - an in-memory database - data is faster accessible. Short-term data storage.

Redis is good to use for data that should be easily retrievable and losable.

To try it out, first install the gem

preferences = Kredis.hash('preferences')
# <Kredis::Types::Hash:0x0000000107514368
# []
preferences.update(view: 'card')
# 1
# ["view"]
# "card"
# 1
# []

s = Kredis.string "mystr"
s.value = "abc"
# "abc"

i = Kredis.integer "myint"
i.value = 5
# 5

And importantly, you can “associate” a redis column with an ActiveRecord object:

# app/models/user.rb
class User < ApplicationRecord
  kredis_hash :preferences
User.first.preferences.update(color_mode: "dark")
# => [color_mode: "dark"]
# => dark

This opens us a to a wide range of opportunities.

Here are some example usecases that come to my mind:

  • n recently visited pages kredis_unique_list (array)
  • n latest search results kredis_unique_list (array)
  • ✅ user preferences - card/table layout kredis_hash
  • ✅ user preferences - items per page kredis_hash
  • ✅ user preferences - light/dark mode kredis_hash
  • ✅ “saved” search filter (url params) kredis_string
  • ✅ maximum free page visits without login kredis_integer
  • ✅ users online kredis_list
  • 🤔 multistep form progress?
  • 🤔 cookies preferences?
  • 🤔 temporary computations?
  • 🤔 API call results that can be reused between requests?
  • 🤔 CACHING - sidebar counters?
  • 🤔 CACHING - database rows
  • 🤔 whatever you would store in the session/cookies?

Cool projects using Kredis: #