1. Add custom error pages in a Rails app
  2. Style default error pages in a Rails app inside /public folder
  3. DRY custom error pages

Previously I wrote about adding Adding custom error pages in a Rails app. If you don’t want to go that way, you can just style the existing error pages that are stored in the /public folder with CSS.

Here is some example CSS styling I did for a page:

styled 404 page

Feel free to copy my public/404.html and use it in your app:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>The page you were looking for doesn't exist (404)</title>
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">
    .rails-default-error-page {
      background-color: white;
      color: #2E2F30;
      text-align: center;
      font-family: arial, sans-serif;
    .button {      
      font-size: 14px;
      text-decoration: none;
      padding-left: 16px;
      padding-right: 16px;
      padding-top: 7px;
      padding-bottom: 7px;
      border-radius: 4px;
      display: inline-block;
    .button-home {
      color: white;
      background-color: #008060;
      box-shadow: 0px 1px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.08), inset 0px -1px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
    .button-help {
      color: black;
      border: 1px solid;
      border-color: #BABFC3;
      box-shadow: 0px 1px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.05);
    .container {
      position: relative;
      text-align: center;
    .centered {
      position: absolute;
      top: 80%;
      left: 50%;
      transform: translate(-50%, -50%);

<body class="rails-default-error-page">
  <div class="container">
    <img src="404logo.png" alt="mylogo">
    <div class="centered" style="font-size: 96px; font-weight: 900;">
  <div style="font-size: 28px; font-weight: bold;">
    Page not found
  <div style="margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 14px;">
    <a href="/" class="button button-home">Back to home page</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank" class="button button-help">Visit help center</a>

You can use the same template for /422.html and /500.html, just change the text.

To make it look nice, be sure to have a public/404logo.png file present.

Here is the image I use. Please do not reuse it!

404 facial expression

Hope this post helps you to build faster!