After a few years of lockdown, everybody seems to be unleashing their creative energy into organizing offline events. I think meeting in person is a fantastic way to make friends.

Ruby conferences in 2023 that I know of, ordered chronologically:

  1. Rails SaaS Europe June 1–2, 2023, Athens, Greece (I’ve already got tickets!)
  2. Ruby Unconf June 10-11 2023, Hamburg, Germany
  3. RubyDay Italy June 16, 2023 Verona, Italy
  4. Brighton Ruby June 30, 2023, Brighton, UK
  5. wrocloverb September 15-17 2023, Wroclaw, Poland (I’m going)
  6. Euruko September 21–23 2023, Vilnius, Lithuania
  7. Friendly.rb September 27-28 2023, Bucharest, Romania (I’ve already got tickets!)
  8. Rails World October 5-6 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. Helvetic Ruby November 24 2023, Bern, Switzerland

I myself will be definitely visiting at least the highlighted ones. I hope to meet YOU there in person and get some drinks together! 🥂🍻