Previously I wrote about how to load Heroku production database in development

Now, before doing such a destructive operation as replacing production db with development db, it is important to start with a backup!

1. Back up your current production database #

For it all to work, be sure you are logged into heroku via your console (heroku login).

# create backup
heroku pg:backups:capture --app superails
# see a list of all backups
heroku pg:backups -a superails
# download a backup from heroku, store it as latest.dump
heroku pg:backups:download --app superails

2. Generate a dump of your local database #

This command will take your database named superails_development and generate a file named mydb.dump

pg_dump -Fc --no-acl --no-owner -h localhost -U postgres -d superails_development -f mydb.dump

3. Upload the generated database dump file (mydb.dump) to a publicly accessible cloud storage #

Create a public S3 bucket, or go to bucket permissions and click the “edit” button to make it public:

Change S3 bucket permissions

Unselect “block public access”:

S3 allow public access

Upload a file (your mydb.dump file) and make it public:

S3 upload public file

Copy the public url for your mydb.dump:

S3 copy url to public file

4. Replace your production db with the mydb.dump #

With the copied URL, run a command to replace your production database with the one you are uploading:

heroku pg:backups restore '' DATABASE -a superails-production

That’s it! 🤠