Web Development - building anything that opens through a browser (Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari/Edge etc..)

Why Web Development? #

I myself chose web development because of freedom. Freedom from Apples’ AppStore or Googles’ Android Market. Fewer doorkeepers & regulators to worry about.

You are also not bound to any propritary software.

Is Web “dying”? #

When I was a kid in the early 2000’s, a web browser on a Desktop computer was the only way to connect to the internet.

Since the first iphone in 2006, the internet has become much more “accessible” via smartphones.

Today, most people have a smartphone, but many don’t have a desktop/laptop computer. They just don’t need it.

Moreover, for many people “the internet” comes down to a few social media apps.

Naturally, the Web has been losing dominance in favor of mobile app development.

Killer features #

Apart of freedom, I think that productivity remains the killer feature of desktop/laptop VS mobile.

You just can’t be as productive on a smartphone.

You can’t build a mobile app on a mobile phone, right? :D

I perceive a smartphone more as a consumption device, whereas a desktop/laptop is a production device.

Business users are more likely to use a desktop/laptop computer and a Web Browser. Consumers are more likely to use their phone and download an app (and rarely open a web browser on their phone).

Summary #

  • B2B = desktop = web browser = web development
  • B2C = mobile = mobile app = mobile development

I think that businesses are more likely to pay for services, and it’s easier to become successful on B2B than on B2C.

Overall, I think choosing Web Development is a safe bet in 2022. Demand is high as never before, and so are the salaries.