Mobile apps usually have primary bottom with secondary top navigation.

Revolut & Instagram example:

Revolut and Instagram have top and bottom navigation

Hide the top navbar on a mobile screen and show a footer nav to give your app a mobile feel!

John Pollard also discussed the challenge of creating a mobile nav for a turbo native app at RailsConf 2024.

Let’s add bottom navigation on small screens to SupeRails:

top and bottom navigation on small screen

Here’s the code for sticky bottom navigation, like in a mobile app:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <%= render 'shared/head' %>
  <body class="flex flex-col min-h-screen bg-sky-950">

    <header class="sticky top-0">
      <%= render 'shared/navbar' %>

    <main class="flex-grow p-4 md:p-8 mx-auto max-w-7xl">
      <%= yield %>


    <!-- FOOTER NAV START -->
    <nav class="sticky bottom-0 px-6 py-3 w-full flex items-center md:hidden justify-around bg-sky-900">
      <%= link_to playlists_path do %>
        <%= inline_svg_tag 'svg/playlist.svg', class: 'h-8 w-8' %>
      <% end %>
      <%= link_to posts_path do %>
        <%= inline_svg_tag 'svg/default_post.svg', class: 'h-8 w-8' %>
      <% end %>
      <%= link_to root_path do %>
        <%= image_tag 'logo.png', class: 'w-8 h-8' %>
      <% end %>
      <%= link_to search_path do %>
        <%= inline_svg_tag 'svg/search.svg', class: 'h-8 w-8' %>
      <% end %>
      <%= link_to user_path(current_user) do %>
        <%= image_tag current_user.image, class: 'w-8 h-8 rounded-full', alt: if current_user.image? %>
      <% end %>
    <!-- FOOTER NAV END -->


Here’s a best practices guide.

That’s it! Now you should go and make a Turbo Native app!